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US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said America does not want to play any role in the regime change in Libya as it believes that this works best when “done from within”.


“Regime change imposed from the outside, as we have seen in Iraq and in the Balkans, is incredibly difficult and works best, as we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt, when it is done from within,” Gates said at a Pentagon news briefing.

“We are trying to provide enough space… in order to protect the opposition from Gaddhafi’s military, to the extent we can, we are reducing his military capabilities to the point where hopefully those who rose up in many of these other towns, as well as the places that are under siege now, will have a better chance of being successful in bringing about a change there,” he said.

Obama agreed to participate in the Libyan operation, and took a lead role at the beginning because of the worry that Gaddhafi could destabilise the fledgling revolutions in both Tunisia and Egypt, with Egypt being central to the future of the region; and to prevent a humanitarian disaster, the US official said.

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