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Why Lavasa simply can’t stay out of controversy

It has been nearly two years since the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest’s (MoEF’s) committees of experts set the ball rolling for restarting construction at independent India’s first hill station township, Lavasa.   Lavasa The high-profile project near Pune had come to a grinding halt... [Read More]

Housing prices fall in these 22 Indian cities

Housing prices in 22 major cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, are witnessing downward trend in April-June period compared to the previous quarter due to slowdown in demand, National Housing Bank said.   NHB Residex Housing prices in 22 major cities, including Delhi and Mumbai, are witnessing downward... [Read More]

India Inc to see revival in earnings growth

  HDFC Bank India Inc is set to turn in a handsome performance in the quarter ended September, if the early trend persists. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), ITC, Ambuja Cements, HDFC Bank and Bajaj Auto are among companies that beat analyst estimates by reporting better-than-expected net profit... [Read More]

Tax rates in India and around the world

  Shoppers walk down Fifth Avenue in New York. The world’s highest top rates of income tax, according to KPMG, an accounting firm, are found in Aruba (58.95 per cent) and Sweden (56.6 per cent). When employee social-security contributions are taken into consideration, though, neither country... [Read More]

Countries with lowest working hours

  A labourer works at a shipyard in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has released its 2012 Employment Outlook. The outlook paints a picture of the current labour markets in 32 member states, most of which are located in the Europe,... [Read More]

‘Black Out, Speak Out’: Canadian internet campaign targets ‘undemocratic’ bill

Photo Blackoutspeakoutca A sweeping omnibus bill introduced last month to the Canadian parliament has been harshly condemned as “undemocratic.” Over 13,000 websites across Canada are planning to protest with a June 4 blackout to highlight their cause. Bill C-38 – otherwise known as the “Jobs,... [Read More]

Occupy Congress: Money out of US politics!

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to decry corporate influence on the American government ( Alex Wong / Getty Images / AFP) Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to “Occupy Congress”, decrying corporate influence on the American... [Read More]

World’s 20 most powerful business people 1

Bill Gates They are the world’s most powerful people in the corporate world. They lead big companies or world’s leading financial institutions. Meet the people who matter in the world of business according to the Forbes magazine. 1. Bill Gates (Rank 5) Age: 56 years Bill Gates is the chairman... [Read More]

Election fever heats up: parties to battle in TV debates

Election fever heats up parties to battle in TV debates Russia’s pre-election agitation campaign has officially kicked off. Seven registered political parties will be battling for votes that will open the door to the parliament’s lower house, the State Duma. The campaign will run from 5 November... [Read More]

Human cloning more popular than Congress

Human cloning more popular than Congress Half-asleep, you feel strangely aware of something eerie in the bedroom. Upon opening your eyes, there he stands: a lime-green, oozing extraterrestrial. Ray-gun in hand he stands, insistent that you must make your way onto his mothership for a parade of probes... [Read More]

War Inc. – Pentagon sucks in American youth

Which on its end – is pumping millions of dollars into luring in the young population of America into enrolling into the military. RT looks at some of those mesmerizing techniques, and what kind of effect they have had on those fit to serve. A hunt for American youth to hunt down the next American... [Read More]

Drones killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan

Drones killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan A new report says that drones are doing more harm that previously published. A new report out of London challenges the US government’s claims that the CIA-led drone initiatives in Pakistan have spared civilians from unnecessary casualties. Rather, writes... [Read More]

America’s response to London riots

America's response to London riots With civil unrest spreading into the western world, the US is readying what to do should mass riots break out state-side. What exactly is the official plan of action should the government need to step in and squash demonstrators? Send the military after minorities. Marc... [Read More]

9/11 could have been prevented, says counterterrorism czar

9-11 could have been prevented says counterterrorism czar A former White House official is speaking out about an alleged cover-up perpetrated by the CIA to cover-up information that could have prevented the September 11 terrorist attacks. Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism czar under President... [Read More]

Jackie O blames former president for JFK’s assassination

Jackie O blames former president for JFK s assassination Secret tapes of Jacqueline Kennedy to be released soon Secret tapes of Jackie Onassis expressing who she felt was behind her husband’s assassination will soon be released. The former first lady believes Lyndon B. Johnson was the mastermind... [Read More]

Rebels build their castle on post-Gaddafi sand

Rebels-build-their-castle-on-post-Gaddafi-sandLibyan rebels celebrate after pushing out forces loyal to Libya’s leader Moamer Kadhafi out of Bir Ghanam, 80 kilometres (50 miles) southwest of the Libyan capital Tripoli on August 6, 2011 (AFP Photo / Colin Summers) Libyan rebels have planned how... [Read More]

Washington police target cartoonist

Washington police target cartoonist Screenshot from South Park TV series If mocking was criminal then creators of South Park, would be serving life sentences or on death row. In Renton Washington,however the City Prosecutor wants to throw an anonymous cartoonist in jail for mocking the police department. ­Several... [Read More]

Rifle Association to sue the Obama administration

Rifle Association to sue the Obama administration NRA and National Shooting Sports Foundation plan to sue DOJ The National Rifle Association is planning on firing back at the Department of Justice over recent gun control measured put in place by the Obama administration. ­ Both the NRA and the National... [Read More]