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Occupy Congress: Money out of US politics!

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to decry corporate influence on the American government ( Alex Wong / Getty Images / AFP) Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to “Occupy Congress”, decrying corporate influence on the American... [Read More]

Election fever heats up: parties to battle in TV debates

Election fever heats up parties to battle in TV debates Russia’s pre-election agitation campaign has officially kicked off. Seven registered political parties will be battling for votes that will open the door to the parliament’s lower house, the State Duma. The campaign will run from 5 November... [Read More]

Obama turns birthday into fundraiser

Obama turns birthday into fundraiser US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jewel Samad) The majority of Americans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job as president, unemployment continues to soar and the economy is crumbling. What does that all mean? Well, it’s time to party, obviously. President... [Read More]

Government turns eyes to youth for raising tolerance

Government turns eyes to youth for raising tolerance The concept is supposed to be implemented through several special-purpose programs on the federal and regional level A draft concept for the state youth policy in the North Caucasus up to 2025 will soon be submitted to the government. The measures... [Read More]

Latest on the debt ceiling

“House Republicans wary of the Obama administration’s Aug. 2 deadline for raising the debt ceiling think they have support for their skepticism from a surprising source — former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan,” Roll Call writes. “Greenspan met with a small group of House Republican... [Read More]

Russians approve of St.Petersburg governor

Russians-approve-of-St-Petersburg-governor-as-new-upper-house-speaker-----poll Valentina Matvienko (RIA Novosti / STF)   A third of Russians view Valentina Matvienko’s tenure as the governor of St. Petersburg positively, and a slightly lower percentage believes that she will be a better speaker... [Read More]

United Russia hits back at Gorbachev

United-Russia-hits-back-at-Gorbachev-Mikhail Gorbachev (RIA Novosti / STF) In response to Mikhail Gorbachev’s criticism of the ruling Medvedev-Putin tandem and the majority party, United Russia accused the ex-president of ruining the USSR and sniped at the pompous celebrations for his 80th birthday... [Read More]

Hopes for new Korean thaw

Picture from A senior North Korean diplomat has been invited to New York in an attempt to revive long-stalled talks over his country’s controversial nuclear program. This follows the first meeting between top diplomats from the North and South in two years. The DPRK’s... [Read More]

Laser terrorism: view from the cockpit

Laser terrorism: view from the cockpit For a couple of seconds, try to step into a pilot’s shoes. They have enough troubles to struggle with, but when poor visibility is caused not by bad weather, but by carelessness or hooliganism, this is an evil that can and must be prevented. Laser pens are no... [Read More]

Presidential election to be held

Presidential-election-to-be-held-on-March-4-(RIA Novosti / STF) The 2012 presidential election will be held a week ahead of schedule, on March 4 instead of March 11, as previously planned. ­The change has come about as a result of the Russian tradition of adding  days to public holidays if they... [Read More]

Bachmann takes the lead in Iowa polls

Bachmann-takes-the-lead-in-Iowa-pollsRepublican presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (Win McNamee / Getty Images / AFP) Congratulations, Mitt Romney! Michele Bachmann has officially surpassed you as the top contender for the GOP nominee for the presidency. The results of a Public... [Read More]

Santorum signs anti-gay, anti-porn pledge

Santorum signs anti gay anti porn pledge Cutting back on governmental spending, fighting terrorism and lowering taxes have all been key components of Rick Santorum’s presidential platform. What are the latest initiatives that the former senator is including on his campaign, though? Why, banning pornography... [Read More]

Former KKK Grand Wizard considers presidency

Former KKK Grand Wizard considers presidency Voters peeved by the serious lack of holocaust deniers on the ballot lately just might be in luck. Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, self-proclaimed “white nationalist” and devout anti-Semite David Duke is considering a bid at the presidency. Again. Duke... [Read More]

Putin seeks broad political coalition as parliamentary elections near

Putin seeks broad political coalition as parliamentary elections near Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has suggested setting up a “unified popular front” that would unite organizations such as political parties, trade unions, youth and women’s organizations under a single political platform. Speaking... [Read More]

Russia’s Communists will try to disband NATO if they win elections

Russia---s-Communists-will-try-to-disband-NATO-if-they-win-electionsThe Communists take their Home Guard as a good way to attract more voters to a party. (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko) The Russian Communists say the country’s foreign policy needs to change course as a new world order is looming.... [Read More]

Opposition party contests registration denial, appeals to European Parliament

Opposition-party-contests-registration-denial-appeals-to-European-ParliamentParnas co-chairmen believe the grounds through which the party was denied registration are unlawful. (RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov) The People’s Freedom Party, or Parnas, intends to contest the Russian Justice Ministry’s... [Read More]

Popular Front as a means “to reach every single citizen”

“There were calls for the creation of the Popular Front based on United Russia’s need to expand its structure to a non-party mechanism.” United Russia, Russia’s main political party, has its own electorate but needs to reach more of the population, facilitating the creation of the Popular... [Read More]

Poll: Cutting Medicare could lose you an election

Poll--Cutting-Medicare-could-lose-you-an-election Poll: Cutting Medicare could lose you an election   US politicians should think hard before they suggest cutting Medicare programs. A new poll suggests that cutting the government program could end political careers. A set of polls conducted by... [Read More]