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It’s not only music videos or movies that are getting sexier these days. Just switch on your television and you will be bombarded with saucy ads selling anything from condoms to fruit juices.

Katrina Kaif, Aamsutra ad
She’s H-O-T so when she beckons, we follow.

The eldest of the Reddy sisters looks very appealing as she frolics in water.

This ad for men’s underwear was found to be too suggestive for family viewing. The ad shows a newlywed washing clothes near the banks of a river. So far, so good. The fun starts when the woman proceeds to wash her husband’s underwear in a very energetic and suggestive manner.

The ad ends with the woman stretching the underwear in her hands, while a voiceover concludes, ‘Amul Macho. Crafted for Fantasies’.

Deepti Bhatnagar, condom ad
Best known for her long, lustrous jet black hair, this former beauty queen raised the temperature with this short and steamy ad.

Okay, so this ad and the next one after that are not TV ads, but quite a few readers voted for them.

Way back in 1995, an extremely steamy print ad for Tuff Shoes landed both the models, who were dating each other at that time, in hot water. The ad showed them wearing only shoes and a python.

Needless to say, religious groups and the moral police protested against the ad. A lawsuit was also filed against them, which was later dropped.

Like Madhu and Milind, Bipasha and Dino were also dating when they did this saucy Switzerland-based underwear ad. Maybe that explains the rocking chemistry between the two in the ad which shows Dino tugging at Bipasha’s panties with his teeth.

And just like in the case of Madhu and Milind, the ad faced a lot of criticism over the overt show of skin.

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7 Responses to “Readers’ pick: Sexiest ads on TV”
  1. AlexAxe says:

    Greatings, Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

  2. isnkvu says:

    raveena rotomac..ku ku ku ku..choli
    priyanka-nokia..with short shorts!
    preity -lyril
    lux sopa actresses

  3. trlzxkv says:

    Indian ads are not sexy they are just silly.
    wish Raj kapoor was alive, we would have atleast had frontal nudity in bollywood by now

  4. ytkzbjitaw says:

    The MR Coffee add was awesome… it was subsequently banned, it was mostly seen in home video movies, With the tag line ..REAL PLEASURE DOES NOT COME IN AN INSTANT….Starring Malaika Aurora.
    the other add was Kamasutra condom add starring Pooja Bedi

  5. itnycyta says:

    Of all the adds,Madhu Sare & Millin Somans sexiting add with full nakedness excepting the footware & the python around & symbolic depiction of the female’s exotic part’s curve amidst in the middle parts of their joint bodies is excellent.It is not understood as to how it remained uncensored since it,as correctly contested by some religious leaders ,is certainly objectionable from the point of view public display of such things.Sushma Reddy’s add is very seducive,symbolic & exciting while that of Deepthi Bhatnagar’s is full of the feeling of ecstasy of a lady’s blissful moment.Amul Macho’s ex-pression is very decent,gentle & elegant of the sexual feeling & hence likely to be acceptable for all.Bipisha Basu & Dino Morea’s add for cadila is more or less like that in an adult movie.For the first time,Rediff appears to have relayed some meaningful adds devoid of exaggeration.

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