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Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has insisted that he and Mick Jagger are still “great friends”.

Fatefully meeting at a train station, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have enjoyed a songwriting partnership to rival any in the history of rock music. Crafting countless classic tracks, the pair have not always seen eye to eye.

Swapping girlfriends and succumbing to drug addiction, rampant ego kept the pair estranged for the bulk of the 80s. Writing in his new autobiography Keith Richards claimed that he had not set foot in Mick Jagger’s dressing room for over two decades.

Stating that the singer can be “unbearable” the guitarist also revealed that he has been known to call Mick Jagger “Brenda” or “Her Majesty”.

Sparking widespread debate, Keith Richards has moved to smooth out any confusion by insisting that the two songwriters do still get on. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the guitarist re-affirmed his belief in the singer.

“He was a bit peeved about this and that,” Richards said. “Mick and I are still great friends and still want to work together. Can you imagine if life went along smoothly and everybody agreed? Nothing would happen. There’d be no blues.”

Continuing, the guitarist suggested that problems in the relationship come from both directions. “That’s just the way things pan out,” he said. “Conflicts arise all the time, especially if you’re working in such a closed unit. If I’m in conflict with somebody, then it means somebody is in conflict with me.”

Meanwhile, fans are still debating recent comments made by Ronnie Wood. A fellow guitarist in The Rolling Stones, Wood recently gave an interview in which he suggested that the band would shortly head back out on tour.

Keith Richards refused to rule this out, although commitments with his memoirs presumably rules out tour dates for the time being.

Keith Richards is set to release ‘Life’ on October 26th.

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