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A volcano is a mountain or hill formed by the accumulation of magma or molten rock. Magma is typically produced at depths of 50 to 60 miles below the surface; because liquid magma is less dense than solid rock, it is pushed out of cracks in the Earth’s surface. Volcanic eruptions can be deadly, damaging property and infrastructure.

It took us a week to build up to our first pre-dawn hike to the lava flow. I’m not sure why.
We talked to a lot of people. We went to the county viewing area three times. We had lunch with volcanoman. We took a boat ride that came good and close. I did a phone conference with the East Coast one morning. We slept in another morning. Finally, on Saturday morning, a week after we’d left home, we got up at 4:00 a.m., put our flashlights in our packs, had dark chocolate and passion fruit for breakfast, and headed out to the flow.



Past Eruptions


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