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The average price of regular unleaded has hit $2.83 in Georgia, up 11 cents from last week. The national average is $2.93, up 7 cents.

Experts predict gas prices will continue rising. Last week’s news that U.S. employers added far fewer jobs than forecast for November weakened the dollar and increased the appeal of crude oil as a commodity to foreign investors, according to AAA Auto Club. Crude prices settled Friday at $89.19 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

“The November news is very likely to keep the value of the dollar down and oil prices high, pushing them above $90 a barrel,” AAA spokeswoman Jessica Brady said. “This is not good news going into the December holiday season, and while we don’t expect the higher gas prices to deter many holiday travelers, it will definitely make consumer wallets a little tighter. Gas prices have already shown steep increases going into this week and will likely continue upwards as a result of the $5-plus increase in the price of oil.”

A month ago, the average price of regular unleaded in Georgia was $2.69. It was $2.52 a year ago, 31 cents below what it is now.

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