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Your dad got into a tizz about an 80s actress called Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, but she’s about 50 now and at least 100 times less sexy than this smouldering brunette from the edge of America’s deep south.

A distant cousin of once hot, now dead US silver screen icon Ava Gardner, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been acting since her childhood, having first showed off her thespy charms to a big audience in Joseph on Broadway.

She later starred in kid flick Sky High but you’re more likely to have seen her in The Ring 2, Final Destination 3 or as Brucie’s kid in the latest Die Hard flick. Is it just us, or does she look a bit like a really sexy Kate Nash?

Beat Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears to land the role of John McClane’s daughter in Live Free Or Die Hard.

America’s top ‘scream queen’ thanks to leading roles in Final Destination 3 and Death Proof.

Hot young star of new comic-book adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

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