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Buying lingerie can be more complicated than deciding on the menu for dinner! Looking for the right size and sexy inners that flatter your body type can be such a challenge! That’s why we spoke to these experts who tell you what to keep in mind while buying lingerie



You have a fuller bosom and a round bottom. Lucky, aren’t you? Just the kind of a body men love and women envy. But sometimes, it can be a tough job trying to make them appear a size smaller.

“Women with big boobs should go for bras with demi-cups with under wire and have broader straps for better support,” says Mumbai-based stylist Pria Agni. But these needn’t be boring anymore. You can opt for pretty floral prints with lace borders. “Corseted bras or corsets with inbuilt bras work well under evening wear,” says Mumbai-based designer Riddhi of mapxencaRS.

“Plumper women should opt for panties that are like boxer shorts or briefs or bikinis,” Riddhi says. Boxer shorts offer you great support and will make your bottom appear toned in a dress/skirt. “Bikinis make your legs look longer,” says Pria. Delicate details like embroidery and bows look beautiful on your curves. But, you might want to stay away from lace on your underpants if you have a relatively bigger bottom.



You already know what a blessing padded bras are. What you don’t is that you can experiment with any kind of fabric, colours and with prints. “Small busted women are the luckiest as they have a lot to choose from- functional or kinky,” says Pria.

They can also opt for padded brad with a plunging neckline. These give you cleavage in an instant. Triangle-shaped cups will make small breasts look fuller too. But, small-chested women should stay away from conical bras as they will never flatter a petite frame. Those with small bottoms can experiment with different styles, fabrics and prints in underpants too. However, a bikini or hipster cut will look the best.



Lean women probably are the luckiest. “They can opt for a normal bra with under wire if they want to look their regular size and opt for a padded one to look fuller,” says Pria. Average sized women have a lot to choose from too from satin and lace to kinky and fun bras in velvet. The same holds true for panties, she says. Boy shorts look best if you are tall and have toned legs.

Pria Agni gives us more tips to keep in mind while picking lingerie
Always make sure you pick the right size. And shop for new lingerie if you put on weight. You don’t want the straps to cut through your skin and give you rashes and cuts nor do you want that bikini line showing because it is a size smaller, do you?

Buy lingerie for yourself. Don’t just buy anything thinking ‘it won’t be seen’. Lingerie is as important as your outfit itself and is something that makes you feel feminine and good about yourself. So go ahead and indulge in a pair you’ll love to see yourself in!

Go ahead, find your style and flaunt you body in the right pair. You will look great in anything you wear!

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