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Holly-Madison in red hot

Holly Madison had a spray tan while drinking vodka, Holly Madison did some pretty hardcore multitasking in Las Vegas the other day. She wasn’t content with just standing in the garden in a bikini. She also wore some sunglasses on her head. She also ruffled the back of her hair with her left hand.


She also lifted her left heel a little and kicked her pelvis out at a slight angle to accentuate her lady-curves. She also held a drink containing Svedka vodka in her right hand. She also got a spray tan from Mariah Carey. Bloody hell, Holly Madison, take it eeeeee-zeeeee.

Holly-Madison- vodka

They say that men can’t multitask. Well that’s just rhubarb. Just this morning we simultaneously tried to get some much-needed sleep on the train and tutted our disapproval as the woman next to us typed an inordinately long text message on her antiquated mobile with the beepy-beep tones ON. Who does that? Her. That’s who. The inconsiderate tartan coat wearing wrinkly she-devil. So there, we did TWO things at once


“For the last time, Mariah, stop spray tanning my dog!”

Holly Madison used to go out with Hugh Hefner. Sure, you could say, “But is there an American girl who hasn’t gone out with Hugh Hefner?”, but this platinum-haired bustette was his ‘#1 Girl’. That, apparently, is quite an honour. It means you get to move into Hugh’s actual bedroom. Sharing a bed with a 143-year-old man in a dressing gown – who wouldn’t want that?

Holly-Madison-with cute

n May 2008, The Hef said: “I love Holly very much and I think we’re going to be together the rest of my life, but marriage isn’t part of my puzzle.”

Holly-Madison-embroidery top

Since leaving The Girls Next Door and the Playboy Mansion, Holly Madison has been busy riding solo in Las Vegas as the star of burlesque hit Peepshow and her own E! series Holly’s World, not to mention preparing for the launch of her new book The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison’s Vegas. We caught up with her over email this week to chat about the second season of Holly’s World, which kicks off in dramatic style this weekend as she’s told to lose weight by producers of Peepshow and discovers that ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner is engaged

Holly-Madison seasons on TV

You’ve had so many successful seasons on TV now – do you even notice the cameras anymore? Is anything off limits?
“I don’t notice the cameras anymore – everything feels natural. And I don’t worry about keeping anything off limits. You can’t really do that when you have a reality show and keeping secrets complicates life.”


This season kicks off with the now-infamous moment where your manager tells you that Peepshow wants you to lose weight. Did you lose any weight or become conscious of your body after that comment?


“I was really self-conscious for a while after being told to lose weight. I felt that on stage for sure. I have lost about half the weight I intend to lose, about 7lbs so far. I’m a curvy girl and that will never change.”


There’s also another hugely talked-about moment this season where you visit Hef after hearing his engagement news. Do you have any regrets about putting your reaction to the engagement on camera?

“I definitely don’t have any regrets about putting my reaction to Hef’s engagement on camera. Everyone was expecting me to react, and most people were expecting my reaction to be something it wasn’t. It was important to me to put my feelings out there, and the TV show provides a longer format to express my feelings than a quick soundbite does.”

Holly-Madison-chirstmas celebration

Did the meeting help alleviate any concerns you had about the engagement? Are you interested in getting to know Crystal better now that she will play a big role in Hef’s life?
“I still feel like I don’t know a lot about Crystal but it’s not my place to do that. I will always be protective of Hef because that’s just in my nature to be that way.”

Holly-Madison-wearing light bra

You ask Hef and Crystal to keep you updated on wedding plans – is there a possibility you will attend the ceremony?
“I don’t think I will attend their wedding. The attention should be on them, not on what an ex-girlfriend’s reaction is.”


Kendra also makes an appearance in that episode, and it’s great to see you guys together again. How often do you talk and see each other?
“It was great to see Kendra again, we talk all the time, but distance and schedules make it harder to see one another than we would like. I know she’s doing great and she and [her husband] Hank and [son] Little Hank make an awesome family.”

Holly-Madison in black

Another theme this season is your relationship with All Time Low musician Jack Barakat. Was there any hesitation on your part or his about putting that on camera?
“It was up to Jack whether or not he would be okay with being on camera. I am an open book and anything goes, so I didn’t have any hesitations at all.”

Holly-Madison wearing silver dress

Former Hills star Jayde Nicole makes an appearance in the first episode. How did the issues between you guys arise and will that be a continuing theme throughout the season?

The conflict with Jayde arose because we used to be friends, but she changed so much and then she moved to town as a party girl. She supposedly has a job here but nobody seems to know what that is. You will definitely be seeing more of her in this season, including a bar fight!”

You’re really busy with Peepshow and, of course, this show but you’ve still found time to write a book about Vegas. How did that come about?
“I fell in love with Las Vegas and wanted to explore everything here. People ask me for recommendations all the time, so I thought, why not write a book about it? It also includes Vegas history, and my story, how I got here.”

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