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Polygamist leader fights sex abuse case

FLDS Church leader Warren Jeffs plans to represent himself.

A whole lot of wives and a whole lot of trouble. Nonetheless, polygamist religious leader Warren Jeffs thinks he can take care of his own affairs and has dismissed the attorneys that had been representing him during his sexual assault trial.

Jeffs is facing a life behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting two young girls. An anonymous tip off in 2008 led to a raid on a Texas compound belonging to the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church).

Despite looking at a lifetime in prison, Jeffs, 55, told a San Angelo, Texas courtroom today that he put a lot of thought into his decision before deciding to represent himself.

“The condition of my present defense is such that I cannot use them. They, not having all needed understanding for my defense, which wants for representation by one who knows and understands the facts of these truths,” said Jeffs.

The Associated Press reports that, repeatedly, Jeff pleaded that he needed a “pure defense.”

“My release of counsel has been with great thought,” Jeffs said, reports CNN. “I stand before the court presenting this need for true justice to be served.”

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