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Behind all that wall-punching beauty, there’s a lot more to Melanie Boorman. Would you have guessed she’d once worked as a bus driver back in the day? Or that she’s spent some of her gorgeous life living in Quebec? No? Us neither.

She’s also run the London marathon in her time. So she’s stunning, she can speak French and chances are, she could outrun you on the track. Without us, you’d have just thought she was hot. Oh, and she’s bisexual. And has had a relationship with a fellow Page 3 girl Becky Rule, who you can also find barely clothed on Almost forgot. Sorry.

Her favorite film of all time is The Usual Suspects.

Was in 2003’s High Street Honeys competition, and was the first girl in FHM’s 2007 calendar.

Was part of the first Page 3 romance, between her and Becky Rule.

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