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Actor Akshay Kumar has filed a defamation suit for making “false and baseless allegations” against him in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case against Bihar’s Youtuber seeking Rs 500 crore in damages.

On November 17, In a legal notice sent by Akshay Kumar through law firm IC Legal, Rashid Siddiqui said in his YouTube channel FF News that he had uploaded several libelous, defamatory, and insulting videos against him. 

Bollywood superstar seeks an unconditional apology from YouTube, who has been charged in a separate defamation case by the Mumbai police and has also removed offensive videos from his channel. 

The notice said that our client (Akshay Kumar) says that his (Rashid Siddiqui’s) defamatory, scandalous, and insulting videos have caused him trauma agony and loss of reputation and loss of goodwill, which cost our client ₹ 500 crores.  

The notice said, In the said video, many false and baseless allegations are made against our client (Akshay Kumar) that he helped Rhea Chakraborty to flee to Canada, that our client had a secret meeting with Aditya Thackeray and Mumbai Police Commissioner to discuss Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. 

The law firm said in the notice that the videos were false, baseless, defamatory and were published with the intention of misleading the public and that it was just a cheap publicity stunt

“Our client is indignant and outraged at the embarrassment, discomfort, and anxiety in public because of this inappropriate, insulting and derogatory video,” the notice said. 

The superstar has asked Rashid Siddiqui to publish an unconditional apology, take down all the videos made in his reference, and avoid uploading such clips in the future. 

The notice said that the actor will initiate legal action against him if Rashid Siddiqui fails to respond to the notice within three days

Mumbai Police has filed a separate case against Rashid Siddiqui on the city police, Maharashtra government, and Minister Aditya Thackeray for defamation, public misconduct, and an intentional insult to his post. 

Rashid Siddiqui had on November 3 been granted anticipatory bail by a Mumbai court in the case, directing him to co-operate in the investigation. 

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