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Google Task Mate is being tested in India and it will allow users to make money by doing simple tasks on their smartphones. TaskMate will provide access to a variety of functions or tasks, posted by businesses around the world. These may include answering survey questions about personal preferences,  clicking a picture of a restaurant, or helping to translate sentences from English to other languages. The application is currently in beta and is limited to testers selected by the referral code system.

Users will be paid for the tasks they have completed in local currency. The TaskMate test was spotted by a Reddit user, as reported by 9to5Google. The app is available for download on Google Play. you can’t use it unless you have a referral code, which is only available by invitation. 

There are three steps to using TaskMate as written in the app description on Google Play: Find nearby tasks, complete a task to start earning, and cash in on your earnings. Tasks are classified as sitting or field tasks but it seems that Google can directly ask for a task. On the app, you can see the number of tasks completed, done correctly, your level, and the tasks under review. 

If you need to go somewhere around for work, the app will show you the estimated time to get there. You can also see how valuable the work is, although the screenshot only shows the prices currently shown in dollars. Tasks such as taking photos of ShopFront will help Google improve its mapping services and bring business to the online business. you may choose to skip it If you are not interested in a task or are unable to do it.

For payment purposes, you must link the account to a third-party processor. When you’re ready to cash in on the money you’ve earned through the works, you can register your e-wallet or account details with a payment partner in the TaskMate app, visit your profile page, and click Cash Out. After this, you will be able to withdraw money in your local currency as per the application description. It is not clear when TaskMate will be available for more users to try

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