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Democracy For America launches Afghan withdraw campaign.

Democracy-For-America-launches-Afghan-withdraw-campaign- AFP Photo / Tauseef Mustafa   Howard Dean’s US progressive organization Democracy For America has launched an Afghanistan withdrawal campaign following a change in political view by Dean himself. Dean, an active critic of the Iraq war... [Read More]

Fears rising over Taliban infiltrating Afghan police, army.

Afghan-soldier The Afghan police and military are scrambling to find ways to root out insurgents lurking within their ranks. Screening of new recruits and soldiers has been intensified following fears over Taliban infiltration in the Afghan national security forces. Insurgents dressed in Afghan military... [Read More]

Afghanistan war: A decade in PHOTOS

22ss1 The NATO says it could halt its Afghan combat operations in 2014 if security conditions were good enough.However, civilian casualties have been at their highest in 2010 since the start of the US-led invasion to oust the hardline Taliban from power in late 2001. The United Nations said in August... [Read More]

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s admission that his office has taken ‘bags of money’ from Iran are part of an effort to undermine Tehran’s role in negotiations with the Taliban, argues a regional analyst.karzai says his office gets “bags of money” from Iran

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Monday his office receives cash in bags from Iran, but said it is a transparent form of aid that helps cover expenses at the presidential palace, and that the United States makes similar payments. The comments came after a report on Sunday that Karzai’s chief... [Read More]