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Tornado causes injuries at St. Louis airport.

st-louis-airport Planes were diverted to other locations as emergency crews probed the debris for more wounded. Mayor Francis Slay said Lambert would be shut down “indefinitely.”   The storm lifted the roof off Concourse C and sent plate glass flying everywhere. Four people were taken... [Read More]

Large fuel fire breaks out at Miami International Airport

miami-airport Miami-Dade firefighters were battling a major fire at Miami International Airport late Wednesday night. Drivers could see smoke billowing from the airport as they drove on nearby State Road 836 shortly after 11 p.m. An airport spokeswoman said the fire was near a fuel storage area. Late... [Read More]

Shift in magnetic north pole affect Tampa airport

earthcam Runways at a Florida airport are to be given brand new numbers, but not for cosmetic reasons – the changes are thanks to movement in the Earth’s magnetic field. Changes in our planet’s core are causing the north magnetic pole to speed towards Russia at nearly 40 miles a year. But... [Read More]

Vietnam airlines passsengers injured on flight to Paris

Twenty-four people on board a Vietnam Airlines flight to Paris have suffered injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones after their airplane lurched violently during flight on Wednesday, French authorities said. The exact nature of the turbulence and the cause of the injuries had yet to be determined. Eight... [Read More]

Day 4 of French strikes: refinery strike hits airport fuel supply

Fuel stopped flowing to Paris’s two main airports on Friday as strikes against President Nicolas Sarkozys pension reform went into their fourth day.The company that operates the pipeline serving Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports told French media that fuel had stopped flowing because of the strike... [Read More]

Around 1000 fans greeted Inter Milan at airport

29pic1 Around 1000 fans greeted Inter Milan with deafening chants and a giant cardboard cut out of coach Jose Mourinho when the side arrived at the city’s airport on Thursday after reaching their first European Cup final since 1972. Delirious fans, long starved of success on the top European... [Read More]