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The world’s SEXIEST celebrity environmentalists!

  Gretchen Bleiler Website drew up a list of 50 celebrities who deserve recognition for their aid and support of ecological causes, in order of importance. All the beautiful people in the following pages have taken it upon themselves to preserve and protect the environment — and... [Read More]

20 countries that have richest people in the world

  A view of Cartier jewellery boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. America has gained some 2,250 ultra-high-net-worth individuals – classed as those with a net worth of $30 million or more (including all assets) – since last year, according to a report from Wealth-X,... [Read More]

The world’s top 10 universities 2012

  World's best universities QS rankings 2012 On September 11, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) released the World University Rankings for the year 2012. The rankings by QS, a leading networking organisation specialising in higher education, are based on each institution’s strengths in research,... [Read More]

Democracy For America launches Afghan withdraw campaign.

Democracy-For-America-launches-Afghan-withdraw-campaign- AFP Photo / Tauseef Mustafa   Howard Dean’s US progressive organization Democracy For America has launched an Afghanistan withdrawal campaign following a change in political view by Dean himself. Dean, an active critic of the Iraq war... [Read More]

Obama Draws Contrasts With Republican Budget Plan.

barack-obama Launching a week devoted to selling his deficit-reduction plan, President Barack Obama on Saturday drew sharp contrasts with a Republican budget that he says offers a vision that “is wrong for America.”   In his weekly radio and Internet address, Obama charged Republicans... [Read More]

Afghanistan war: A decade in PHOTOS

22ss1 The NATO says it could halt its Afghan combat operations in 2014 if security conditions were good enough.However, civilian casualties have been at their highest in 2010 since the start of the US-led invasion to oust the hardline Taliban from power in late 2001. The United Nations said in August... [Read More]

Why Obama’s successful India visit scares Pak

09pak1 While India is terming the visit of American President Barack Obama as a very successful trip that will give a shape to the Indo-US strategic partnership, Pakistan is worried especially after Obama endorsed India’s role in Afghanistan and India’s right to a permanent seat in the... [Read More]

FBI let Headley roam free pree-Mumbai terror attacks

Three years prior to the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the FBI was warned of the strikes and David Headley’s links with the LeT by the wife of the Pakistani-American terrorist, says an investigative report. “Three years before Pakistani terrorists struck Mumbai in 2008, federal agents in New York... [Read More]

NATO forces carry out 2 airstrikes in Pakistan, killing more than 50 insurgents

ISLAMABAD- NATO helicopters based in Afghanistan carried out at least two airstrikes in Pakistan  that killed more than 50 militants after the insurgents attacked a small Afghan security outpost near the border, spokesmen said Monday. NATO justified the strikes based on “the right of self-defense.”... [Read More]