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Amrita Rao: Every actress likes to look glamorous

  Amrita Rao Sonil Dedhia in Mumbai Amrita Rao made a confident start to her career with hit films like Ishq Vishk, Masti and Main Hoon Na. Over the past decade, however, the actress has featured in more than 15 films, most of which met with lukewarm response. After a sabbatical of two years, the... [Read More]

Countries with lowest working hours

  A labourer works at a shipyard in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has released its 2012 Employment Outlook. The outlook paints a picture of the current labour markets in 32 member states, most of which are located in the Europe,... [Read More]

Hot and Sexy Hooters Girl Vegas Bikini Photoshoot

Hot and sexy Hooters girl bikini photoshoot from Hooters Casino in Las Vegas. Join Players Network on our hot girls bikini shoot in Vegas. See all of Hooters sexiest 40 models from around the world as they pose for next year’s swimsuit calendar. Players Network’s cameras are there to bring... [Read More]

Dum maro dum trailer and deepika padukone

dum maro dum trailer with deepika padukon Related videos  ...

Moon bigger and brighter, not apocalyptic

moon If you notice the moon looks different this weekend… that’s because it is. The moon will appear bigger and brighter for the next few days – the biggest in fact for almost 20 years. This unusually large full moon is known as a super “perigee moon”, that’s when... [Read More]

Models ‘appear’ on ramp in Paris,Arora steps out for his moment in the limelight and we love his golden sneakers!

07arora1 He’s just signed on as the head designer at Paco Rabanne and pulled out all the stops for his show at Paris Fashion Week on March 2. Take a look!We often say that a top couturier’s fashion showing was ‘magic’ — but Manish Arora took things a step further with... [Read More]

There are a few hard-and-fast rules for dressing well, Top Commandments of Style

1)Unless you’re auditioning for an episode of ‘Hollyoaks Later’, where you’re playing a wanker the group met on a trip ‘into town’, best not to be seen wearing a string bag over a suit. OK? Good. commandments_1 2)Billowing shirts are for love scenes in 80’s films.... [Read More]

The chart-buster `Munni Badnaam Hui’ winning the `best song of the year’ and `best item song’ at Uninor music awards

Katrina-Kaif-Malaika-Arora- Actor Salman Khan-starrer `Dabangg’ continued its winning spree at Uninor Music Awards, with the chart-buster `Munni Badnaam Hui’ winning the `best song of the year’ and `best item song’ awards. `Sajdaa’, from Karan Johar’s ‘My Name... [Read More]

Swede, baker, and Iron Man 2 stunner Helena Mattsson will torture you with hotness. Prepare to submit!

Helena-Mattsson-sexy We all know the Hollywood fairy tale: Girl leaves everything behind and moves to Los Angeles, girl becomes a megastar overnight, girl turns into a paparazzi-baiting party monster. Meet the woman who lives the legend (except the party monster part, thank God), 26-year-old Helena Mattsson.... [Read More]

Clooney down with malaria and Clooney is recovering from malaria now

George-Clooney London, Jan 21 (IANS) Hollywood superstar George Clooney is recovering after contracting malaria during his trip to Sudan, Africa. The 49-year-old visited Sudan twice in the past three months and was last there a week ago. He is working on a project with the United Nations and Google to... [Read More]

Cosmos and Cantona could take MLS to the next level

For all the progress made by Major League Soccer since it began in 1996, there is not one team in the league that can match the old New York Cosmos for name recognition – not globally and not in the United States. But when the new owners of the Cosmos name announced in August that they planned to bring... [Read More]

Maria Shriver and Her Alzheimer Advocacy

maria-s Maria Shriver’s father Sargent Shriver died today, marking the end of his long struggle with Alzheimer’s. He’d been battling the disease since 2003, and passed away at the age of 95. I’ve been reading today about how involved Maria Shriver has been in advocating for Alzheimer’s... [Read More]

The names of 2,000 secret account holders in Swiss banks, including individuals and corporates from the UK, Asia and the US, were on Monday handed over by a former banker to WikiLeaks.

rudolf-elmer The names of 2,000 secret account holders in Swiss banks, including individuals and corporates from the UK, Asia and the US, were on Monday handed over by a former banker to WikiLeaks. Rudolf Elmer, a former employee of Switzerland-based Bank Julius Baer, said these rich account holders... [Read More]

Recap: The Golden Globe Winners, and What They Mean for the Oscars

golden-glob Asking what impact the Golden Globes have on the race for Oscar is somewhat akin to asking if your uncle’s drunken dinner table conversation has any impact on American political discourse. Sure, there are semblances of lucidity—but the variances between what he says and what 99.9 percent... [Read More]

The 10 riskiest and least risky nations to invest in

13risky1 India ranks as the 22nd riskiest sovereign country, seen as most likely to default on debt and unable to honour its debt obligations.A report, ‘Sovereign Risk Report for Q4 2010’, released by world’s leading credit default swap pricing service, CMA of London, ranks the world’s... [Read More]

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s critics have posted a four-minute video and ‘hate messages’ on her tweeter page hat they think led to the Arizona shootings

palin The video montage of the “tweets,” which was apparently sent after Saturday’s massacre in Arizona that left six people dead and 14 wounded, including Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was reportedly posted to YouTube on Tuesday. One of the postings read: “My... [Read More]

Our Solar System – Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale

WTF is the point of creating a universe 13.7 billion years ago with hundreds of billions of galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars in each and an even bigger number of planets and so on, if the whole “point” was to have a random tard in a random tribe somewhere 2000 years ago to get... [Read More]

On Tucson and politics, Palin plays by own rules

palin WASHINGTON — The hubbub in the United States over Sarah Palin’s use of the charged term “blood libel” obscures a larger point: the former Alaska governor is weighing a run for the presidency in unprecedented and even daring ways, commanding nationwide attention with her selective... [Read More]