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The HOTTEST women of 2013!

Katy Perry Katy Perry The popstar was named the hottest woman of 2013. wrote on their website that at only 28, Katy has already been nominated for eight Grammy awards, including album of the year, CBS News reported. The website added that nobody had been able to get enough of Perry in... [Read More]

Celeb fashion risks 2012 that we loved and hated!

  Sonam Kapoor In the world of fashion and entertainment, pretty much everyone can get their hands on high-end couture. And so, in order to stand out in a sea of equally famous faces, celebrities sometimes have to take a fashion risk or two in a bid to make an impression. In the following pages,... [Read More]

Sexiest India covergirl this February!

Katrina Kaif Can there ever be a month that goes by without a cover of Katrina Kaif hitting the newsstands? Dressed in a simple brown tube, Kaif looks stunning as ever on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga goes green on the cover of Elle India. Deepika Padukone Few women have... [Read More]

Top 10: Sexy, bewitching beauty icons of 2011

Angelina Jolie The super-sexy mum of god-knows-how many, Angelina Jolie came 18th in the list of 2011’s beauty icons. Beyonce The sexy songstress and the newest mother-to-be Beyonce appeared on this list for the first time. She finished seventh. Emma Watson She’s blossomed from a gawky young... [Read More]

Angelina Jolie groped by Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Relationship Profile, Angelina Jolie wears a great white coat, gets groped by Brad Pitt.

It appears that marriage for Brad and Angelina is quite a way off. Here’s some photos on the celebrity relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie groped by Brad Pitt0 Angelina Jolie groped by Brad Pitt1 Angelina Jolie groped by Brad Pitt2 Angelina Jolie groped by Brad Pitt3 Angelina... [Read More]

Angelina Jolie Photos That You Probably Newer Seen

Those pictures are not so rare, but most of the people never seen those photos of Angelina Jolie. Angelina-Jolie-wallpaper-002     angelina-jolie angelina-jolie angelina-jolie   angelina-jolie   angelina-jolie angelina-jolie angelina-jolie       angelina-jolie angelina-jolie     angelina-jolie     angelina-jolie    ...

Top 10 Hollywood bombshells of all time

Here are the sexiest sirens ever to light up the silver screen!Beauty. Talent. Fame. Wealth. These gorgeous women have had it all and won the hearts of fans the world over.US film industry cable network Reelz conducted a poll to find out which Hollywood hottie, alive or dead, rates highest when it comes... [Read More]

Angelina Jolie Gia

Angelina Jolie Gia  ...

Original Sin

Original Sin, with gorgeous angelina jolie  ...

Hot and Active: Celebrity Activists

George Clooney founded “Not On Our Watch” with his “Ocean’s 11” cast members. The organization’s main goal is to stop genocide occurring in Sudan, and his charity has donated millions of dollars to help those suffering in the region, with much of the funding going through... [Read More]

Celebs’ ultimate crush

25sd1 In another poll, Hollywood’s lovely ladies named Angelina Jolie as their ultimate female crush while Hugh Jackman remained their favourite amongst men in showbiz.The sexiest female stars, who divulged details about their crushes amongst both sexes, and rated the Tomb Raider actress above all... [Read More]

Jolie thinks fidelity is overrated. Do you?

In a recent interview with German magazine Das Neue, Angelina Jolie expressed the opinion that fidelity in relationships is overrated. The actress, who has been in a relationship with Brad Pitt for four years and is raising six children with him, is quoted as saying, “I doubt that fidelity... [Read More]

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie: Who’s Hotter?

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie: Who’s Hotter? THE GREEK GODDESS This is literally one of the hottest debates in showbiz. On one side there is Megan Fox who is hot, sexy and young and on the other there is Angelina Jolie who has established her sexiness a long time ago. Who is hotter? BRINGING SEXY... [Read More]