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10 Best iPhone 4/4S Apps You Must Have

Best iPhone 4 apps list are quite many. If you look around the web, you will find many such lists. If you are intent on filling up your iPhone with loads of great apps, then you can definitely begin here. Here’s a cool list of top 10 most popular and best apps for iPhone 4/4S which would help... [Read More]

iPhone vs. Android Showdown: Which Phone Is Best for Power Users?

The newest iPhone comes out in two weeks; the Android OS continues to deploy on better and better hardware; and both operating systems roll out exciting new features and innovations with each release. So which deserves your hard-earned cash? A Starting Point You can evaluate iPhone and Android devices... [Read More]

Coming soon, Google-powered bulbs, dishwashers.

cfl LONDON: After the Internet, Google is now set to foray into the domain of household appliances — it will produce bulbs, thermostats and dishwashers, and integrate them with wireless technology, the search engine giant has said.   According to Google, the new range of “almost anything... [Read More]

Patch Picks: iPhone/iPad Apps

LOCAL FUN Inklings News: Staples High School’s newspaper, Inklings, won two national journalism awards. Available for both the iPhone and iPad, their free app created by student Eric Lubin allows users to search recent articles and photos, save their favorites, and read even when offline (downloaded... [Read More]

Get ready for Android apps mania

android phone From health tips to free books, Google is set to woo its users with new apps.The battle between Microsoft and Google in the tablet and mobile space is heating up. But, if the response to Andriod devices in the biggest technology fair — the Mobile World Congress 2011 — is anything... [Read More]

iPhone apps has must six things

nearest wiki Finding gems among the three lakh-plus Apple apps can be quite a daunting task. Which is why, we are doing it for you. Every month, we will carry six cool Apple apps that you could make your own. Some are free, and some are paid. But they are fun all the same. Have a good time making the... [Read More]

Mac App Store is on – Access above 1000 apps

Apple_iMac_Leopard New York, Jan 7: Now it’s official, Apple Mac App Store is on for public with exciting applications exclusively for Mac devices. Apple has started the new flagship store on Thursday, Jan 6. This new store opens a great opportunity for app developers to create app for Mac OS. Unfortunately,... [Read More]