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World’s 10 amazing railway stations

  Grand Central Terminal, New York, US What makes these railway stations unique? Icons of a nation’s booming infrastructure, these grand transport hubs have set several records. Take a look at 10 stations dubbed as ‘world’s record breakers’ by Grand... [Read More]

A look at 27 high-speed trains in the world

  CRH380 (China Railway High-speed) China is set to open a 2,298-km high-speed railway line, the world’s longest, in about two weeks, linking the capital city with the country’s trading hub of Guangzhou. According to the Ministry of Railways (MOR), the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway... [Read More]

STUNNING PICS: How to set a Viking boat on fire!

  The Up Helly Aa festival, introduced by men returning Some like to drink, others like to set Viking boats on fire. Check out these amazing images from the unusual festival of Up Helly Aa. So it seems that the vikings are back in business, even if it is for just a day. According to a tradition... [Read More]

World’s 10 amazing railway stations

Grand Central Terminal, New York, US A historical landmark, this 100-year old sprawling transport hub is the world’s largest station by number of platforms. It has 44 platforms with 67 tracks along them. Grand Central Terminal, New York, US It took 10 years to build this sprawling railway station... [Read More]

Most expensive office spaces in the world

  Aerial view of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai The global market for office rentals grew three per cent in 2011, up from just one per cent the year before, according to property consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield. Driven by increased demand and strong gains in emerging economies, the rate for... [Read More]

Nuke weapons nations: Who has the biggest firepower

  Agni-V missile being tested The bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a turning point in mankind’s history, events that marked the beginning of humanity’s ability to instantly self-annihilate. As of today, there are nine countries generally recognised to own nuclear weapons, with... [Read More]

World’s 20 most attractive employers

  Google Google has retained the top position as the best employer in both categories — business and engineering — for the fourth year in a row, according to global employer branding firm Universum’s global talent attraction index, ‘The World’s Most Attractive Employers... [Read More]

Countries with lowest working hours

  A labourer works at a shipyard in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has released its 2012 Employment Outlook. The outlook paints a picture of the current labour markets in 32 member states, most of which are located in the Europe,... [Read More]

Why Infosys is worried and TCS isn’t

  Business Standard The results announced by both companies have been strongly affected by the rapid depreciation of the rupee during the reporting quarter, and show buoyancy in top-line — gross revenue — growth that would not otherwise have been possible. The two leading information... [Read More]

The top 10 BEST celebrity perfumes!

  Jennifer Lopez When celebs lend their names and faces to consumer products, it generates an intense demand in the consumer market. And signature fragrances are a big part of this billion dollar ballgame. Every second star today is launching a perfume and goes on to spin the venture into a flourishing... [Read More]

Most admired car companies in the US

  Let's take a look at the most admired car companies in the US. Car manufacturers are finding it tough to increase their numbers amid the economic slowdown, especially in the United States. But some companies are doing better than others, thanks to new products, lower prices and smart marketing. Let’s... [Read More]

Euro-freeze zone: Extreme frost blankets Europe (PHOTOS)

Euro freeze zone Extreme frost blankets Europe PHOTOS A slide taken by ice is pictured at the Paquis Baths in Geneva (REUTERS/Denis Balibouse) Thick ice and heavy snow have locked the entire European continent, already claiming the lives of nearly 500 people. And while Europeans are struggling to warm... [Read More]

Politics is playing a vital role in investigation – former pilot

Politics is playing a vital role in investigation Poland’s final report on last year’s plane crash suggests both the Polish flight crew and the Russian air traffic controllers were at fault.Mark Weiss believes politics is playing a vital role in the dissemination of information from the report. ­“This... [Read More]

Police ignored neighbors’ concerns over Breivik

Police ignored neighbors concerns over Breivik The farm house of Anders Behring Breivik at Aamot in Hedmark, eastern Norway (AFP Photo / Scanpix Norway / Jo E. Brenden) Reports are emerging that people living near Breivik’s farm tried to alert the police long before the events in Oslo and Utoya.... [Read More]

US targets missile defense against Russia

US targets missile defense against Russia NATO envoy US politicians do not conceal fact that missile defense system will be aimed against Russia The US-sponsored European missile defense system will be aimed at Russia, and some American politicians openly state that, the Russian permanent representative... [Read More]

Kaczynski flight crew made crude errors – Polish report

Kaczynski flight crew made crude errors Polish report Russian rescuers workers attend the site where a Polish government Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft crashed on April 10, near Smolensk airport on April 11, 2010 (AFP Photo / Natalia Kolesnikova) The commission headed by Polish minister of the interior Jerzy... [Read More]

Rise of right-wing extremism rattles Europe

Rise-of-right-wing-extremism-rattles-Europe Rise of right-wing extremism rattles Europe   The worst massacre ever committed by a single individual, carried out by a member of Norway’s political right, points to a dangerous undercurrent of hostility against the left’s platform, which is committed... [Read More]

Polish presidential crash report

A Russian serviceman stands guard near part of the wreckage of a Polish government Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft that crashed near Smolensk airport in this April 11, 2010 file photo Polish investigators have concluded that pilot error was actually to blame for last year’s Smolensk plane tragedy, local... [Read More]