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Review: Despite refreshing performances, Dhobi Ghat is a letdown

dhobi-ghat With Dhobi Ghat, Kiran Rao finally gives Mumbai a film that represents its true hues and tints. With its subtlety and style, one would be mislead by the title to assume that the film is about the washer folk of Mumbai, but it’s not! The Dhobi- Munna (Babbar) is only a part of the huge canvas... [Read More]

Clooney down with malaria and Clooney is recovering from malaria now

George-Clooney London, Jan 21 (IANS) Hollywood superstar George Clooney is recovering after contracting malaria during his trip to Sudan, Africa. The 49-year-old visited Sudan twice in the past three months and was last there a week ago. He is working on a project with the United Nations and Google to... [Read More]

Save our Environment

We frequently talk about saving our environment and how important it is to conserve the natural resources.  ...

Owen Wilson is a dad!

owen-wilson Owen Wilson has become a father. The Little Fockers star’s girlfriend Jade Duell gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they have named Ford Linton Wilson on Friday in Hawaii. The baby, who weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, was reportedly born naturally via a water birth at their oceanfront home... [Read More]

Think changing your zodiac is bad? Try losing your birthday!

zodiac7 There’s been a lot of fuss lately about the Minnesota Planetarium Society’s recent re-alignment of the zodiac, which added a new sign to the group and threw almost everything we thought we knew about our star signs out the window. But moving your birthday to a new zodiac sign —even... [Read More]

Obama Tucson Speech: President Barack Obama Is Back

obama After a brief absence, he’s back: President Barack Obama’s Tucson Speech signified the President’s return to that full-power greatness we’d not seen in a long while. Obama’s return started just before the end of Congress’ last term, then in 2011 was growing.... [Read More]

Anna Bligh, the Queensland premier, has been hailed for her leadership and grace under pressure during the flood crisis that is gripping Australian state.

Anna-Bligh Ms Bligh, whose government was deeply unpopular before the disaster struck, has undergone a resurrection in the public eye thanks to her calm and compassion during the worst moments of the natural disaster. Even as her own mother was forced to flee her home in Brisbane’s inner city suburb... [Read More]

Astronomers have discovered what they claim is the smallest-ever rocky planet outside our solar system, named Kepler-10b

Rocky-Planet Astronomers have discovered what they claim is the smallest-ever rocky planet outside our solar system, named Kepler-10b. A team at NASA says that its Kepler mission has confirmed the discovery of the exo-planet, measuring 1.4 times the size of Earth — its discovery is based on eight... [Read More]

The iPhone is going to dominate the discourse this week

apple-iphone-keyboard The iPhone is going to dominate the discourse this week because it’s an easily comprehended story and one people have been following for years. It’s not about technology, it’s about drama: Apple and Verizon have strong “personalities” that readers connect... [Read More]

History Channel to drop series:After the network announced its decision not to air Katie Holmes’ eight-episode miniseries about America’s First Family

katie-holmes Dropping the much-hyped and pricey production of “The Kennedys” — which stars Tom Cruise’s better half as Jackie Kennedy and Greg Kinnear as President John F. Kennedy — was the “right programming decision for our network,” representatives from the... [Read More]

Mac App Store is on – Access above 1000 apps

Apple_iMac_Leopard New York, Jan 7: Now it’s official, Apple Mac App Store is on for public with exciting applications exclusively for Mac devices. Apple has started the new flagship store on Thursday, Jan 6. This new store opens a great opportunity for app developers to create app for Mac OS. Unfortunately,... [Read More]

Why is it that a bad boy is so appealing to a girl?

Why is it that a bad boy is so appealing to a girl? Narcissistic, thrill-seeking and deceitful men are the kinds that sweep women off their feet because they associate these traits with masculinity, according to a new study. Adrian Farnham, a professor of psychology at University College London, argued... [Read More]

David Schwimmer has a lot to celebrate this holiday season: He is going to be a dad!

The Friends actor met Buckman, a photographer, in London in 2007. They announced their engagement in March 2010 and quickly married just a few months later in a secret ceremony that wasn’t revealed until October — coincidentally the same day his Friends sister Courteney Cox announced her... [Read More]

Performer Is Injured During ‘Spider-Man’ Performance

spiderman An actor performing in the Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” was injured during a performance Monday night, according to the police and several witnesses. Theatergoers who attended Monday’s performance of “Spider-Man,” a $65 million musical laden with complicated... [Read More]

He is a world class player and a great ambassador for the game

Sachin South Africa captain Graeme Smith has termed Sachin Tendulkar as ” a great ambassador of the game” and said his desire to become a cricketer got wings after watching the Indian batting maestro during his childhood.Smith was a 11-year-old kid when Tendulkar first toured the Rainbow... [Read More]

For Time readers’, WikiLeaks’ Assange is ‘Person of the Year’

Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is in custody in London on rape charges, has won an online vote to be Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’, amid continuous leak of thousands of confidential US diplomatic cables by his whistle-blower website.The 39-year-old Australian... [Read More]

A weak dollar is pushing gas prices higher, and Georgia drivers are feeling the increase more than most.

natural-gas The average price of regular unleaded has hit $2.83 in Georgia, up 11 cents from last week. The national average is $2.93, up 7 cents. Experts predict gas prices will continue rising. Last week’s news that U.S. employers added far fewer jobs than forecast for November weakened the dollar... [Read More]

China’s richest village is now Huaxi,It is also called the No.1 Village of China

06sld1 Huaxi village, set up in 1961, is China’s richest village. It is also called the No.1 Village of China. Here everyone lives in a villa and owns cars — imported cars.Image: New houses are seen at Huaxi village in Jiangsu province.Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters Click NEXT to read... [Read More]