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World’s 10 amazing railway stations

  Grand Central Terminal, New York, US What makes these railway stations unique? Icons of a nation’s booming infrastructure, these grand transport hubs have set several records. Take a look at 10 stations dubbed as ‘world’s record breakers’ by Grand... [Read More]

Global growth: Nations that lead the race

  A view of Indonesia's Central Bank building in Jakarta. China and India are still at the top among the fastest growing economies in the world. But growth for both is slowing down when comparing their projected growth to the historical three-year average, says a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. India... [Read More]

World’s 10 amazing railway stations

Grand Central Terminal, New York, US A historical landmark, this 100-year old sprawling transport hub is the world’s largest station by number of platforms. It has 44 platforms with 67 tracks along them. Grand Central Terminal, New York, US It took 10 years to build this sprawling railway station... [Read More]

New technology can produce ‘petrol from air’

  Air Fuel Synthesis. A small British firm claimed to have developed a revolutionary new technology that can produce petrol using just air and electricity. A company in the north of England has developed the “air capture” technology to create synthetic petrol which experts have hailed... [Read More]

World’s 20 most attractive employers

  Google Google has retained the top position as the best employer in both categories — business and engineering — for the fourth year in a row, according to global employer branding firm Universum’s global talent attraction index, ‘The World’s Most Attractive Employers... [Read More]

Rail fares are the highest in these 20 cities

  Rail operator Deutsche Bahn CEO Ruediger Grube It costs most to travel by bus, tram or subway, taxi and train in Western Europe and North America. In Germany, a second class train journey over 200 kilometers costs an average of $79 (US dollars) – around 65 per cent more than the Western ... [Read More]

Reasons why you MUST visit India

  Aashish Sood Get Ahead reader Aashish Sood on eight compelling reasons why one MUST visit and explore India. I was talking to a South African colleague of mine about Indian culture etc. when he suddenly said to me ‘So Aashish! Sell me India. Why should I visit India?’ I was asked... [Read More]

World’s TOP 20 destinations for 2012

  Worldwide Index of Global Destination Cities MasterCard’s ‘Worldwide Index of Global Destination Cities’ has come up with a list of the top 20 global destinations that will see a huge stream of visitors in 2012. The index has ranked these cities based on the number of visitors... [Read More]

2011 Special: Odd PHOTOS of the year – II

2011 Special: Odd PHOTOS of the year - II Participants cross a mud obstacle during the Wild Boar Dirt Run (Wild Sau Dirt Run) in Laaben, 50 kilometers (31 miles) west of Vienna, October 22. Some one thousand competitors take part in the annual event, which consists of a cross country run followed by... [Read More]

Cities Tilt Shift Photographs By Ben Thomas 1

Tilt shift photographs of the famous cities like Sydney, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Paris and Berlin from the photographer Ben Thomas. Cities Tilt Shift Photographs By Ben Thomas Cities Tilt Shift Photographs By Ben Thomas Cities Tilt Shift Photographs By Ben Thomas Cities Tilt Shift Photographs... [Read More]

PENELOPE Cruz may frequently be described as one of the world’s most beautiful women, but isn’t it comforting to know that like regular pregnant women she’s finding it hard to dress her baby bump.

Miss Cruz is not afraid of her body – or meat, apparently. Her first serious role was in the bizarrely titled Spanish drama Jamón, Jamón (literally Ham, Ham), where the 18-year-old Penélope happily bore all in an erotic ‘love scene’ in a meat-curing factory. Honestly, Google it. Since then she... [Read More]

Victoria Silvestedt appearing in Carry On London along side Lenny Henry and Shane Richie… We smell Oscars!

Sweden is famous for four things, mountains, keeping the Nazi SS well stocked during WWII, leggy blonde women and Volvo’s. It’s these leggy blondes that we’re interested in, and the undisputed queen is Victoria Silvestedt. Ranked fourth in the Super-Giant Slalom, Silvestedt left skiing early on... [Read More]

Lefties more likely to be angry

Left-handed? Well, then you are more likely to be angry, says a new research. For lefties, life holds many frustrations – from the everyday items designed for right-handers to folklore saying they are in league with the devil. So perhaps it is the result of dealing with such adversity that they... [Read More]

Mumbai among top 10 costliest office markets

23sld2 Mumbai is the 4th most expensive office market in the world. London’s West End remains the world’s most expensive office market, according to CB Richard Ellis Group, which tracks occupancy costs for prime office space in 176 cities around the globe.  “Mumbai CBD (central business district)... [Read More]

Luxury on a budget

Luxury on a budget With the global financial crisis encouraging hoteliers around the world to substantially reduce their room rates to attract guests, there has rarely been a better time for Indian travellers to indulge in five-star luxury hotels on their travels. With great deals to be had at the premium... [Read More]