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World’s 10 amazing railway stations

  Grand Central Terminal, New York, US What makes these railway stations unique? Icons of a nation’s booming infrastructure, these grand transport hubs have set several records. Take a look at 10 stations dubbed as ‘world’s record breakers’ by Grand... [Read More]

Global growth: Nations that lead the race

  A view of Indonesia's Central Bank building in Jakarta. China and India are still at the top among the fastest growing economies in the world. But growth for both is slowing down when comparing their projected growth to the historical three-year average, says a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. India... [Read More]

Oops! Models falling on the catwalk

  Fashion Week Models are perfect beings. But sometimes, these heavenly creatures have their embarassing moments too — when a shoe heel breaks, the foot get stuck in the garment or the ramp is simply too slippery — and they slip, literally. Recently, French designer Stephane Rolland’s... [Read More]

World’s 10 amazing railway stations

Grand Central Terminal, New York, US A historical landmark, this 100-year old sprawling transport hub is the world’s largest station by number of platforms. It has 44 platforms with 67 tracks along them. Grand Central Terminal, New York, US It took 10 years to build this sprawling railway station... [Read More]

The covergirl who’s actually a man: Fashion news!

  Andrej Pejic Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between! Which actress claims to have been ‘supersexualised’ as a teenager? Which Chinese model is making waves in the fashion industry? Here’s... [Read More]

The best-dressed stars of 2012!

  Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone Dippy is a former model and when she steps out in public, she makes sure she has heads turning. She knows what suits her and never overdoes trends or bold cuts, always exuding just the right hint of sexiness in stunning outfits. Miranda Kerr This Victoria’s... [Read More]

16 Hottest new games of 2013

  Anarchy Reigns If 2012 turned out to be a gamer’s dream, the New Year should be even better. Along with the annual releases of popular franchises, such as FIFA and F1, it will also see fresh instalments of BioShock, Crysis, Dead Space, Devil May Cry, God of War, Grand Theft Auto and Tomb... [Read More]

Liz Hurley turns sexy Santa and more fashion news!

  Elizabeth Hurley Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between! Which hottie is sharing tips for incredible abs? Which supermodel is in love with Brazil? Here’s the lowdown on the latest fashion news! Liz... [Read More]

18 people who went from being poor to mega rich

  Rolls-Royce convertible is seen parked on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There are some people who are born wealthy and then there are some who become rich. Let’s take a look at 18 people who grew up in poverty, but turned their lives around. Source: Business Insider Starbucks CEO Howard... [Read More]

Journey of Ratan Tata’s triumphs and trials

  Ratan Tata smiles during the unveiling ceremony of Tata Motor's Aria at Auto Expo in New Delhi. To say that Ratan Tata leaves behind a huge legacy would be a gross understatement. Ever since he took overas Chairman of the Tata Group in 1991, he worked in on converting the “the corporate... [Read More]

Sandy aftermath: US struggles to get back on its feet

  Sandy aftermath The residents of United States east coast continue to struggle with flooding, blackouts and fuel shortages as the death toll from the Superstorm Sandy rises to above 90. The worst hit are New York City and New Jersey. Almost there days after Sandy hit the US east coast, many... [Read More]

Apartment rentals are highest in these 20 cities

  Hong Kong. Eastern Europe and Africa have the most favourable housing conditions. The highest rents typical for a city are paid in North America, the Middle East and Western Europe, says a UBS study. The global average cost of a four-room apartment is around $2,630 per month. Take a look at 20... [Read More]

Stunning electric cars you would love to drive!

  Honda Motor Co's electric Micro Commuter Concept city vehicle in an image released by Honda. Electric cars were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, the development of internal combustion engine technology and mass production of cheaper gasoline vehicles affected the... [Read More]

How many work hours can get you an iPhone?

  IPhone 4S People working in Zurich are able to afford the iPhone 4S, the quickest, after 22 hours of work. The working time required is ten times longer in Mexico City and Bucharest. In Indian cities, the working time is over three hundred hours to buy an iPhone. In Beijing, one has to work for... [Read More]

Reasons why you MUST visit India

  Aashish Sood Get Ahead reader Aashish Sood on eight compelling reasons why one MUST visit and explore India. I was talking to a South African colleague of mine about Indian culture etc. when he suddenly said to me ‘So Aashish! Sell me India. Why should I visit India?’ I was asked... [Read More]

Dance poses to inspire you in 2012!

Shakti Mohan Dance India Dance 2 winner Shakti Mohan has launched an interesting 2012 calendar called Nritya Shakti, which contains 12 graceful dance expressions. This one, incidentally, is Shakti’s favourite pose. Take a look at the others. Shakti Mohan The costumes have been designed by... [Read More]

How the world ushered in 2012

How the world ushered in 2012 1 A couple kiss as fireworks light the sky during New Year celebrations in Sarajevo January 1, 2012. How the world ushered in 2012 2 Fireworks explode during a pyrotechnic show to celebrate the New Year in the coastal city of Vina del Mar, about 121 km northwest of Santiago. How... [Read More]

New York City Tourist Guide and Tourism Information, New York City Attractions Top New York Attractions, Places for tourist information near New York, NY, USA.

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason. NYC is the mecca of business in the United States, and as a melting pot of American culture, there is something for every style, taste and budget in New York City. With so much to see and do in NYC, it’s... [Read More]