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New York set to be big loser as sea levels rise

1_meter_sea_level_rise New York is a major loser and Reykjavik a winner from new forecasts of sea level rise in different regions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in 2007 that sea levels would rise at least 28cm (1ft) by the year 2100. But this is a global average; and now... [Read More]

New York Fashion Week passed by in a blur, but some trends for fall, like Americana, had emerged by the time the last model strutted down the runway.

fashion week lincoln Ruffian’s designers mingled lace with plaid and capped their look with upswept, “Big Love” hair. More Photos Really? Running around Chelsea this week, or perched expectantly in my seat in the front (or fourth) row at Lincoln Center, I knew it was going to be trying, if not... [Read More]

A blizzard pummeled the northeastern United States on Monday, disrupting air, rail and bus travel and forcing motorists to deal with blowing snow and icy roads at the end of the busy Christmas weekend.

new-york-weather New York City, eastern New Jersey and western Long Island were the hardest hit by the storm, which unleashed powerful winds and dumped up to 29 inches (74 cm) of snow in some parts, the U.S. National Weather Service said. JFK International and other New York-area airports were closed... [Read More]

Blinging bra! Supermodel Adriana Lima shows off her $2 million assets,Adriana Lima dazzles in $2m diamond-encrusted bra

London (ANI): Brazilian model Adriana Lima was photographed showing off her assets in a 2 million dollar diamond-encrusted bra in New York. Lima, 29, who wore a pale blue satin gown, which was cutaway to reveal her chest completely, was modelling the Bombshell fantasy bra at Victoria’s Secret Soho... [Read More]

Fox Programming Pulled From Cablevision As Contract Ends

NEW YORK—Fox television stations were pulled from subscribers of Cablevision Systems Corp. after the two companies failed to agree on subscription fees and as the dispute grows increasingly contentious. Cablevision, in a scrolling announcement on Fox 5 New York, said the decision to pull programming... [Read More]