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These will be the 10 richest nations by 2050 on Per capital GDP

india Per capita GDP, which helps indicated a country’s standard of living and affluence of its citizens, refers to an approximation of the value of goods and services produced per person in the country. In other words it is the country’s total GDP divided by the population of that country.India:... [Read More]

These celebrities have insured their body parts for millions!

Mallika Sherawat So you thought ‘million dollar smile’ was just a casual term? Take a look at the outlandish sums that celebs have insured their best assets for!You may love your legs or your shapely butt, but do you actually think they’re worth over a million dollars?These famous... [Read More]

Rekindle Lost Love in Your Relationship,bring back spark with these romantic and naughty tips in your love relationship

love-wave Rekindle Lost Love in Your Relationship,bring back spark with these romantic and naughty tips in your love relationship bed breakfast Do you feel the passion between you and your partner is languishing in the no-chemistry zone? Then bring back spark with these romantic and naughty tips đŸ˜‰ Prepare... [Read More]

These ladies spend their week practising being absolute hotties

These ladies spend their week practising being absolute hotties,The Week in Women: art, aliens and ass,While you spend your most of your week with your face resting on the cooling stack of paperwork on your desk, these ladies spend their week practising being absolute hotties. So sit back in your chair... [Read More]

These sexy sirens hot,sexy,beautiful ditched fashion for films

18model15 They all started out on the catwalk, but most of these hotties wanted to make a move to the movie business!Let’s face it — modelling as a career has a verrry short shelf life.And it doesn’t pay half as well as the movies.Plus the glamour, the fame, the endorsements, the... [Read More]

Do you know these sexy women?

26slide1 Ever wondered where you’ve seen someone before but cannot quite remember where? Or what their names are?Well, this happens quite often on celluloid these days, what with a new star born every other minute. We bring you some sexy women, who look very familiar but are not A-listers yet.... [Read More]

Easy ways to sexy legs like these celebs

02slide1 It’s really not that hard to get a pair of hot legs and a shapely butt. A few key toning exercises tossed up with some cardio will have you ready for a hot miniskirt within a few weeks.But first, a little technical info…Your legs (like any other part of the body), have two layers... [Read More]

Poll: Do these celebs give you a headache?

03sli1 Pain-relief medical brand Nurofen held a fun poll last week asking people which Hollywood celebs induce their headaches! Here are those who featured on the list, plus a few Indian famous faces that seem to bring on a similar negative reaction — vote at the bottom of each page and let us... [Read More]

Poll: Do you like these new sari styles?

17slide1 A few Indian designers showcasing at the recently-concluded Lakme Fashion Week came up with several innovative new ways to drape the sari. Here’s a look a their various takes — tell us whether you love or hate each at the bottom of the page!We start off with the label that is very... [Read More]

High cholesterol? These foods will lower it

06spotted Consuming certain foods has been proven to help lower cholesterol levels, thus helping you to avoid cholesterol medications or take a lower dose of medicines. We all are familiar with the idea that egg yolk, butter, and fried foods are bad for your cholesterol levels. But are you aware that... [Read More]