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World’s 10 amazing railway stations

  Grand Central Terminal, New York, US What makes these railway stations unique? Icons of a nation’s booming infrastructure, these grand transport hubs have set several records. Take a look at 10 stations dubbed as ‘world’s record breakers’ by Grand... [Read More]

Global growth: Nations that lead the race

  A view of Indonesia's Central Bank building in Jakarta. China and India are still at the top among the fastest growing economies in the world. But growth for both is slowing down when comparing their projected growth to the historical three-year average, says a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. India... [Read More]

World’s top 20 economic superpowers by 2030

  Shanghai World Financial Centre. The world economy is projected to grow at an average rate of just over 3 per cent per annum from 2011 to 2050, doubling in size by 2032 and nearly doubling again by 2050, states a PricewaterhouseCoopers report. According to the report, ‘World in 2050 The... [Read More]

World’s 10 amazing railway stations

Grand Central Terminal, New York, US A historical landmark, this 100-year old sprawling transport hub is the world’s largest station by number of platforms. It has 44 platforms with 67 tracks along them. Grand Central Terminal, New York, US It took 10 years to build this sprawling railway station... [Read More]

World’s largest mobile operators

  A man talks on his mobile phone at the entrance of a China Mobile booth in Beijing. Three mobile operators from China saw double-digit subscriber growth over the last year, according to the latest Wireless Intelligence ‘Scoreboard’ ranking. The new ‘Scoreboard’ tracks the... [Read More]

Want to work for Google? Pursue data management!

  A data centre in Bangalore When Lemon Tree Hotels partnered with Tata Communications, they were able to implement a streamlined, scalable Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution. The network specialist at Tata Communications’ Data Centre was responsible for successfully planning the process... [Read More]

Harvard falls further in world university rankings

  Times Higher Education world's top 20 universities 2012-13 On October 3, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings revealed the list of top 200 universities in the world for the year 2012-13. The global university rankings announced by Times Higher Education, an international... [Read More]

Nuke weapons nations: Who has the biggest firepower

  Agni-V missile being tested The bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a turning point in mankind’s history, events that marked the beginning of humanity’s ability to instantly self-annihilate. As of today, there are nine countries generally recognised to own nuclear weapons, with... [Read More]

20 countries that have richest people in the world

  A view of Cartier jewellery boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. America has gained some 2,250 ultra-high-net-worth individuals – classed as those with a net worth of $30 million or more (including all assets) – since last year, according to a report from Wealth-X,... [Read More]

The world’s top 10 universities 2012

  World's best universities QS rankings 2012 On September 11, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) released the World University Rankings for the year 2012. The rankings by QS, a leading networking organisation specialising in higher education, are based on each institution’s strengths in research,... [Read More]

Countries with lowest working hours

  A labourer works at a shipyard in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has released its 2012 Employment Outlook. The outlook paints a picture of the current labour markets in 32 member states, most of which are located in the Europe,... [Read More]

World’s 20 best tech companies to work for

  A trader watches screens at his desk at the Frankfurt stock exchange. There are many big tech companies, such as Apple and Google, but which are the best to work for? Let’s take a look at some of the best tech companies to work for, according to Glassdoor, a jobs and career community that... [Read More]

Music Video by Will Smith’s Daughter

You may say its hairography, but Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s nine-year-old daughter Willow Smith’s music video ‘Whip My Hair’, is certainly anything but it! If anything, it captures the diva side of this singing sensation, to rival the works of her rapper father, Will Smith. The pre-teen music... [Read More]

Gary McKinnon : Biggest Military Computer Hacker of all time.

Gary McKinnon Gary McKinnon (born 10 February 1966) is a Scottish hacker facing extradition to the United States on charges of perpetrating what is claimed by one US prosecutor to be the “biggest military computer hack of all time.” Following legal hearings in the UK it was decided in July... [Read More]