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Levees ready to burst as rain pounds central US.

levees POPLAR BLUFF,Relentless, driving rain is pounding southern Missouri, leaving levees ready to burst and sending residents to higher ground and the rain isn’t expected to stop for days.   Tuesday brought the promise of more showers and thunderstorms to the area around Poplar Bluff in... [Read More]

Anna Chapman’s next mission: State Duma infiltration in Russia

Anna-Chapman---s-next-mission--State-Duma-infiltration Anna Chapman (RIA Novosti / STF)   Anna Chapman, the famous Russian spy, who was the eye-catching center of last summer’s spy scandal in the US, is now aiming to infiltrate the State Duma as one of the candidates from the dominant United... [Read More]

US won’t play any role in regime change in Libya: Gates

robert-gates US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has said America does not want to play any role in the regime change in Libya as it believes that this works best when “done from within”.   “Regime change imposed from the outside, as we have seen in Iraq and in the Balkans, is incredibly... [Read More]

US jets destroy two surface to air missile sites near Tripoli

US jets WASHINGTON: Continuing with its supportive role to the NATO’s mission in Libya, the US military jets have destroyed two surface-to-air missiles sites belonging to the Muammar Gaddafi regime, the Pentagon has said. After April 1, when NATO took the lead of multilateral operations in Libya,... [Read More]

Revolutionary railroad: atomic train being developed in Russia

Revolutionary-railroad--atomic-train-being-developed-in-Russia Revolutionary locomotive with atomic speed   Russian Railways (RZhD) and the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom) intend to create a nuclear-powered train, reports Interfax. According to RZhD vice-president Valentin Gapanovich,... [Read More]

HSBC comes under US tax scrutiny over Indian accounts

US authorities are taking first steps towards an investigation into HSBC’s alleged role in enabling tax evasion. The Department of Justice has asked a federal court to allow US tax authorities to demand personal account details of US taxpayers from the UK bank’s Indian subsidiary. HSBC said... [Read More]

Mad Men fifth series delayed until March 2012

mad-men-season The fifth series of US ad agency drama Mad Men will not hit TV screens before March 2012 because of stalled contract talks with its creator. In a statement, cable network AMC said the delay was “due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations” with creator and executive producer... [Read More]

US warns Libya against violating truce

violating truce The rebel-stronghold of Benghazi came under attack on Saturday from ground and air, with explosions rocking the city despite a ceasefire announced by Muammar Gaddafi forces, prompting a warning by the United States that the Libyan leader was violating the truce. Two unidentified jets... [Read More]

US Troops Ready to Enter Japan’s Nuclear Danger Zone

us-troops The commander of U.S. military forces in the Pacific says he is sending his troops into the danger zone near the Japan’s crippled nuclear power plants as needed, and if necessary he will send more to help prevent a meltdown of the reactors’ fuel and the release of large amounts... [Read More]

US moving naval, air forces closer to Libya

qaddafi Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were massed near the Tunisian border on Tuesday, residents said, and the United States said it was moving warships and air forces closer to Libya. Residents feared pro-Gaddafi forces were preparing an attack to regain control of Nalut, about 60 kilometres... [Read More]

US reaches out to Opposition in eastern Libya

libya Rebels awaited a counter-attack by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces on Monday, after the Libyan leader defied calls for him to quit in the hardest-fought of the Arab world’s wave of uprisings. Rebels holding Zawiyah, only 50 km (30 miles) west of Tripoli, said about 2,000 troops loyal to Gaddafi... [Read More]

Obama may have handed a bouncing cheque to India

obama Ed Luce, Washington bureau chief of The Financial Times, has said that US President Barack Obama’s endorsement of India’s candidacy for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council was a “cheap price” he had to pay to appease New Delhi of its concerns over his... [Read More]

Two US spacecraft have moved either side of the Sun to establish observing positions that should return remarkable new information about our star.

STEREO-satelite Launched in 2006, the Stereo satellites have gradually been drifting apart – one in front of the Earth in its orbit, the other lagging behind. On Sunday, Nasa said the spacecraft had arrived at points that put the Sun directly between them. It will give solar physicists the first... [Read More]

The names of 2,000 secret account holders in Swiss banks, including individuals and corporates from the UK, Asia and the US, were on Monday handed over by a former banker to WikiLeaks.

rudolf-elmer The names of 2,000 secret account holders in Swiss banks, including individuals and corporates from the UK, Asia and the US, were on Monday handed over by a former banker to WikiLeaks. Rudolf Elmer, a former employee of Switzerland-based Bank Julius Baer, said these rich account holders... [Read More]

Australia works with US to kill me: Julian Assange

wikileaks-julian-assange Washington, Dec 4: The founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assasnge has told that his native country Australia is working with United States to eliminate him. While answering the questions by the readers of Guardian, Julain Assange told the Australian Prime... [Read More]

US, China battle already underway in cyberspace

25sld4 A global conflict between the United States and China is already underway in the virtual world of cyberspace, a noted American think-tank has said. “Ability to redirect vast amounts of data constitutes a threat, not only to national security but also to private companies and individuals... [Read More]

‘US agents behaved rudely, violated all norms’:Report:obama trip to india

Upset over the high-handedness of the US security agencies, Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjeev Dayal expressed his displeasure to the Maharashtra government, stating problems faced by his men on account of American officials, while handling President Barack Obama’s security on his recent visit... [Read More]

PHOTO album: President Obama’s India trip, obama trip to india

The India visit of US President Barack Obama has helped the IT industry, which was accused of stealing jobs in the US through outsourcing, clear the air and bring a change in the US government’s mind, NASSCOM said. Speaking on the sidelines of the NASSCOM Product Conclave and Expo, which began here... [Read More]