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7 factors that will decide gold’s price this year

  A customer tries on a gold necklace in Hanoi, Vietnam. Societe Generale, a major European bank, has a note out asking whether 2013 will be the first year since 2000 that gold ends the year down, according to┬áBusiness Insider. In it, they present the bullish and bearish argument in the simplest... [Read More]

Why these 10 countries are the world’s happiest

  Thus, NEF's list of happiest countries does not feature the usual suspects. The popular Abba single, “Money, money, money…must be funny in a rich man’s world” seems true for people from these countries. At least that is what one can deduce from New Economics Foundation’s... [Read More]

Vietnam airlines passsengers injured on flight to Paris

Twenty-four people on board a Vietnam Airlines flight to Paris have suffered injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones after their airplane lurched violently during flight on Wednesday, French authorities said. The exact nature of the turbulence and the cause of the injuries had yet to be determined. Eight... [Read More]