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5 weird dogs in the world you should know about it

Nowadays people are becoming animal lovers, many people have become conscious, they now understand that even animals have the same rights on this earth as human beings which is a very good thing. Many people like to keep birds while many people like animals like dogs, cats, puppies as pets. Dogs are... [Read More]

Beware! Live animal right ahead

  Turtle A woman tries to guide a stranded turtle to safety on Walker Road in Great Falls, Virginia. A snapping turtle crossing the road forced drivers to detour around it.   White Rhino A white rhino and its baby cross a road on the drying shores of Lake Nakuru in Kenya’s Rift Valley,... [Read More]

Two-headed monster snake scares Ukrainian zoo visitors

A Slavic fairytale about a two-headed dragon has partially come true at a zoo in southern Ukraine. An albino California Kingsnake arrived in Ukraine from a German snake-breeding farm. The snake indeed has two heads that breathe, think, react and eat separately. As close as they could be, the heads,... [Read More]

Bugs in macro

Bugs in macro Macro shots of various Insects or bugs.If you are trying to find a particular type of bug, it might be easier to look in the subsets of this. Bugs in macro Bugs in macro Bugs in macro Bugs in macro Bugs in macro Bugs in macro Bugs in macro  ...

Dog adopts baby squirrel

Dog adopts baby squirrel When a very young squirrel fell from a tree, little did it know that would mark the start of a most unusual relationship. At first glance, the scene appears normal: a Chihuahua mother appearing to cuddle with her pups as they nurse.A closer look at the days-old babies reveals... [Read More]