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Harvard falls further in world university rankings

  Times Higher Education world's top 20 universities 2012-13 On October 3, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings revealed the list of top 200 universities in the world for the year 2012-13. The global university rankings announced by Times Higher Education, an international... [Read More]

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is a strong performer

  Google Nexus 7 tablet Bhautik, a commerce graduate from Mumbai University, currently works with Barclays Technology Center India, in Pune. Nexus 7 proved to be a huge success for Google. This was important for them to make a headway in the tablet market, no doubt, still ruled by iPad. A lot of... [Read More]

The world’s top 10 universities 2012

  World's best universities QS rankings 2012 On September 11, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) released the World University Rankings for the year 2012. The rankings by QS, a leading networking organisation specialising in higher education, are based on each institution’s strengths in research,... [Read More]

Top 10 STUNNING landscapes from across the world!

  Kashmir From Karnataka to California and beyond, you responded to our invite and posted these travel pictures on Rediff ZaraBol. First up is a view of the sunset from Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir by Arun T.   Mumbai CVSR Sandeep shot this picture of the golden summer sky of Mumbai en route... [Read More]

Apple to reveal iPad 3 first week of March

Apple to reveal iPad 3 first week of March Apple to reveal iPad 3 first week of March   Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to hit the stage in the first week of March to unveil a new iPad. According to AllThingsD’s sources, Apple will be boasting the heir to the iPad 2 at the Yerba Buena Center... [Read More]

Occupy Congress: Money out of US politics!

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to decry corporate influence on the American government ( Alex Wong / Getty Images / AFP) Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street activists have rallied on Capitol Hill to “Occupy Congress”, decrying corporate influence on the American... [Read More]

Anonymous to attack Fox, Facebook, banks and drug cartel on November 5

Anonymous to attack Fox Facebook banks and drug cartel on November 5 If you haven’t made it a point to remember the fifth of November before, hacktivists belonging to the group Anonymous are looking to change all of that this weekend. According to various tweets, blog posts and message across the... [Read More]

40-carat dinner for diamond-loving dog

40 carat dinner for diamond loving dog Contrary to popular belief, girls aren’t the only ones who have a soft spot for diamonds. A dog belonging to the owner of a jewelry shop in the US has unwittingly devoured a $10,000 meal of the scrummy sparklers. The owners of a jewelry store in Georgia were... [Read More]

America’s response to London riots

America's response to London riots With civil unrest spreading into the western world, the US is readying what to do should mass riots break out state-side. What exactly is the official plan of action should the government need to step in and squash demonstrators? Send the military after minorities. Marc... [Read More]

9/11 could have been prevented, says counterterrorism czar

9-11 could have been prevented says counterterrorism czar A former White House official is speaking out about an alleged cover-up perpetrated by the CIA to cover-up information that could have prevented the September 11 terrorist attacks. Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism czar under President... [Read More]

Downgrade for the ratings agencies?

They downgraded the US and added theatrics to the debt ceiling debate – but who are these ratings agencies? They seem to wield immense power and influence over the global economy – a mere warning from one of them can rock markets, influence the debate by governments, with ripple effects that... [Read More]

Syria “hacked”: Anonymous blindsides the world

Syria hacked Anonymous blindsides the world Amonymous group launched a range of new attacks A new series of devastating computer attacks, targeting Syria and the US, has been carried out by the notorious group of hackers known as Anonymous. The “hacktivists”, best known for their attacks... [Read More]

Rifle Association to sue the Obama administration

Rifle Association to sue the Obama administration NRA and National Shooting Sports Foundation plan to sue DOJ The National Rifle Association is planning on firing back at the Department of Justice over recent gun control measured put in place by the Obama administration. ­ Both the NRA and the National... [Read More]

Markets plummet in panic

Markets plummet in panic Andrew Burton / Getty Images / AFP Things are not very good. U.S. Stocks Plunge in Biggest Retreat Since 2009 despite the debt deal signed into action earlier this week. By the end of the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average showed a drop of more than 500 points and similar... [Read More]

Obama turns birthday into fundraiser

Obama turns birthday into fundraiser US President Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Jewel Samad) The majority of Americans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job as president, unemployment continues to soar and the economy is crumbling. What does that all mean? Well, it’s time to party, obviously. President... [Read More]

Tiger suit congressman finally resigns

Tiger suit congressman finally resigns Rep. David Wu (D-OR) heads into a meeting with House Democrats and Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S. Capitol August 1, 2011 in Washington, DC (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images / AFP Photo) Neither having sex with a girl 30 years his younger nor owning a furry,... [Read More]

All F-35 and F-22s grounded

All F 35 and F 22s grounded An F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, marked AA-1, lands Oct. 23 at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Over 200 of the most expensive aircrafts in the world are used by the US Military, but fleets of war planes owned by the Air Force are sitting on the sidelines, despite costing billions... [Read More]

Banks bulldozing towns across America

Banks bulldozing towns across America Banks are knocking down homes left and right. If something is giving you a hard time, there is one surefire American way to solve your problems: knock it straight to the ground. That’s the plan that Bank of America and a number of other financial institutions... [Read More]